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Where Can I Place a Bet On Cricket?

07 Oct 2023 05:34 PM cricketclues

One of the best sports for betting in India is still cricket. Your favourite player or team setting those records gives you an incredible rush of exhilaration. However, most of our users are new to cricket betting and require assistance. This page can help if you are new to cricket betting.

Reviews of the top cricket betting websites are included, along with other pertinent data. We will go through how we developed our professional recommendations because it's easy to become lost in the large selection of sports betting sites that accept cricket wagers. Due to the popularity of this sport in India, many bettors also place various kinds of bets. Our specialists have compiled a list of some of the best tactics that have helped them and can help you. 

After reading this article, you will have a great foundation to start your cricket betting journey. So let's get going. 

The Best Cricket Bookmakers 2023: Top Sites To Bet On Cricket In India

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Online Cricket Betting India: How to Bet on Cricket Online (2023)

Are you a cricket enthusiast wishing to intensify your love for the game? The ideal way to test oneself is to learn how to bet on cricket online. Who knows, you might even succeed! This step-by-step guide will show you how to bet on cricket in India so that you can consistently place well-informed bets at India's top cricket betting websites.


  •   How to bet online on cricket
  •   Create a winning betting strategy.
  •   How to choose the top cricket bookies

How to Bet on Cricket Online: Getting Started

It can be challenging to know where to begin with so many of the top cricket bookmakers in the world. But assure yourselves we are here to assist you. If you want to enhance your online cricket betting talents, you will need to conduct a significant amount of research and betting analysis, especially when you're just starting.

All bettors, regardless of experience level, follow these steps:

1. Recognize the fundamentals

It's critical to comprehend the rules of cricket before placing a wager. It will be simpler to choose the winning bets if you are familiar with the sport's inside and outside and can foresee how a team or player would perform.

To understand how to wager on cricket online, consider the following factors:

Format: Test (5-day matches), ODI (50 overs per side), and T20I (20 overs per side) are the three most popular formats.

Weather: A match can be significantly impacted by the weather. 

Team/player form: This involves investigating the stats available, such as top wicket-taker, top batter, highest average (both batting and bowling), greatest strike rate (both batting and bowling), best economy, most catches, stumpings, run-outs, and so on.

Pitch analysis: Pitch analysis entails determining how the wicket might behave, including whether it would favour batters or provide bowlers the best possible grip.

2. Determine your risk tolerance

You must view betting as something other than your main source of money but rather as a form of fun. Calculate just how much you can lose without it significantly impacting your way of living. Set aside the amount that comes to mind for betting.

Set movable financial restrictions on your betting account as well to keep yourself from overspending and getting carried away. Most of India's top cricket betting apps and websites will provide tools and features to aid in tracking and managing your spending.

3. List the best betting sites

One of the most severe yet frequent errors bettors make when learning to wager on cricket online is signing up with a bookmaker without doing a thorough background check. Remember that you are working with actual money, so doing some research is always beneficial.

Feel free to start betting with the websites we included listed on top because our internal team put them there after performing a thorough study and assessment. 

4. Sign up and add money

Register and create an account once you've narrowed down your betting site list. Remember to take advantage of your welcome bonus and free bets when you sign up. The majority of bookies have simple registration procedures. Your contact information, the creation of a login ID and password, and you should be ready to go. It should take at most 1-2 minutes to complete.

Once you've signed up, select your chosen mode of payment for wagers and make the required minimum deposit to begin going. Every payment method's cap could be different.

 5. Choose the best odds.

You must consider the quality of the betting odds in addition to having access to a wide range of betting markets. You'll frequently notice that rates for the same market fluctuate among bookmakers. So, we advise comparing the odds across at least three to four different websites to obtain the best deal possible, should your predictions come true.

6. Develop a betting plan.

How many bets to put, how much money should be staked overall, when to pay out or stop betting, or alternatively, whether you should keep betting are all governed by a solid cricket betting strategy.

Here are some guidelines that can assist you in creating a clear plan:

Analyze data: Analyze data to ensure you have fun placing online cricket bets. The value of past performance analysis must be balanced. On reliable websites like Cricket clues, you may look up H2H records and other statistics. Examine player biographies, expert cricket reviews, and scorecards from previous games to learn how the sides performed in those matches.

Calculate winnings in your head: You can adjust your bets during the game and take cash-out calls while avoiding overplaying your hand if you have a rough idea of a good winning figure with the projected bet stake.

Have a list on hand: Make a list of the betting markets you want to focus on, both pre-match and during the game, so you can take advantage of all opportunities to place potentially profitable wagers.

Remember that this is a partial list. These are only a few fundamentals to assist you in narrowing down your online cricket betting approach.

7. Make your wagers

You have picked the betting markets and your preferred bookmaker. Next, what? Pick your odds and place your bets now! Make every effort to follow the game in real-time to see how things develop. 

Remember to look out for freebies like referral incentives and cashback offers. These significantly increase your betting bankroll, enabling you to stake more bets with less danger.

8. Monitor the status of your wagers

Maintaining track of all your wagers throughout the game is crucial so you can adjust them or pay out if necessary. This practice is especially vital if you wager on many sportsbooks. Checking to ensure you have all the opportunities to place bets also helps.

9. Examine how you performed.

The game is not where betting ends. You must monitor your betting results and evaluate what was successful and unsuccessful. To improve your odds of winning, keep these suggestions in mind as you place your next wager.

To see if you are approaching the process of assessing matches and making wager decisions appropriately, you can look to external post-match analysis.

Where Can I Place a Bet On Cricket FAQ's

1. Is it legal to bet on cricket online?

Online cricket betting needs to be clearly regulated in India. There is no law governing internet bookmaker services, despite the fact that betting in person is against the law. There are no such prohibitions in India. Therefore, international bookmakers with legitimate licences are allowed to run their businesses there. In fact, millions of Indians already use these betting sites and take advantage of their interesting betting promotions.

2. What is the best cricket betting strategy?

After learning how to bet on cricket online, you may place bets using either the desktop website or the mobile app. Both provide the same performance levels, but the app option has the extra benefit of allowing betting whenever and anywhere you want.

3. Which are the best cricket betting sites?

The top five cricket betting sites were stated at the outset of this column. But if you want to narrow down the list even more Cricket clues is among the top cricket betting sites.