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Ravichandran Ashwin predicts the England bazball, but the approach may fall in some conditions.

01 Mar 2023 04:04 PM cricketclues

Ravichandran Ashwin points out the England bazball, and making an approach to playing cricket matches could backfire in some conditions. The term 'Bazball' gained huge popularity last summer as the cricket team of England adopted the new attacking cricket style under new coach Brendon Mccullum, nicknamed Baz, and skipper ben stokes.  

England won 10 tests out of a total of 12 tests since the occurrence of leadership changes consists of the 3-0 whitewash in Pakistan. But during the second test played against the New Zealand team in wellington, the England team suffered a stunning collapse and narrowed down the one-run defeat.  

We have the term known as Bazball. England's team played in high-level test match cricket. They like to play different styles of cricket. But in some types of wickets, when the players try and attack every ball, they will fall. There are both benefits and drawbacks to using this approach, Ashwin said in the video that is posted on the youtube channel of cricket.  

"Some will ask, rather than getting out of 100 or defending, I will take the step out and get all out of 140. We only know when the cricket game test pans out from approach works or not. Sometimes, on the wicket, the specific conditions are only required to be respected. If your respect the pitch and play the match accordingly, it will respect you. If the pitch is respected by you, it will pay you dividends.