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IND Vs. AUS- Rohit Sharma becomes the 6th Indian batter

13 Mar 2023 02:06 PM cricketclues

The skipper of the Indian team, Rohit Sharma, create a strong history in the ongoing 4th test cricket series between India and Australia. He becomes the 6th Indian batter to score 17,000 runs in the cricket series. 

Rohit needs the 21 runs to make his entry into the elite club by competing for the India team against Australia. He successfully achieved high scores and reached the top level, and set his feat in the first session of the 3rd day of the cricket test series.  

The right-handed 35-year-old hitter, who is participating in the 438th international game, scored 21 runs before making an entry in the cricket test against the top test squad ranked in the world that begins. At the end of the second-day match at narendra modi stadium, Ahmedabad, he was unbeaten by the record by 17 runs. Once he hit 4 runs more in the opening session of the 3rd day of cricket, he makes an entry into the exclusive club. 

Before Rohit, Sachin Tendulkar, the iconic batsman, Virat Kohli, the previous captain, and Rahul Dravid, the current head coach. Sourav Ganguly etc. scored 17000 runs or more runs in the International cricket series for India. 

Rohit Sharma becomes the 6th Indian batter by scoring 17000 runs. 

Rohit Sharma becomes the 6th Indian batsman by scoring 17000 runs or more. And if he hits 114 runs more in the current test cricket series, he will get the chance to pass through Virat Kohli's performance as the 5th leading scorer for India. Now, he holds the 6th rank in the list of best-run scorers of the Indian team, but if they come at the dhoni mark, he will move to the 5th rank.  

Among the 48* tests, the 148 T20I and 241 ODI games in which he takes part, Rohit made the debut of the Indian team against Ireland and amassed 9782*, 2234*, 3853* runs. 

In the ODI series, three matches against the players pat Cummins and co. Rohit will get a chance to surpass the record of MS dhoni if he falls short in the current test. The 50 over three games will participate in  Visakhapatnam, Mumbai, and Chennai on 17, 19, and 22 March.