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How to win a cricket match strategy..?

17 Oct 2023 11:01 AM cricketclues


If you understand the simple regulations of Cricket, this Cricket Clues is for you. On this Page, we look at the cricket method, namely, how the game is truly performed on the sphere and what procedures are utilized by batters, pitchers (bowlers), and fielders.

How to Win Big in Fantasy Cricket? 14 Tips & Tricks

Fantasy cricket has grown to be one of the most famous systems for cricket fanatics. The number of customers who play delusion cricket is growing, and new structures for playing myth cricket are on an upward push coming up very regularly.

With the upward thrust in customers, the competition is likewise growing, and as a result, triumphing contests in myth cricket are not as smooth as they once were.

While success plays a huge role, fable cricket majorly depends on skills. There are several myth cricket techniques that you may practice so that you can help you win contests.

Tips and Tricks to Win at Fantasy Cricket

There are a few suggestions and hints that could set you up other than the relaxation and help you win in fantasy cricket leagues.

Here is a listing of them which you could start the use of from these days:

1. Choose the proper platform 

An available trick is to pick an appropriate platform to play myth cricket. Avoid betting on extremely crowded systems like Dream11, MPL, and many others, as those structures have high competition and extra access fees.

Look for much less-known systems and make investments there. Your possibilities of triumphing could be extra there due to lesser opposition.


2. Do your research

A well-known approach, however, is to assist you in picking a pleasant team. It is miles critical so one can do the research approximately in shape. Check essential stats like:

  • Recent varieties of the groups

  • Head-to-head file of them

  • Venue analysis

  • Pitch record evaluation

  • Key player battles

  • Best performers of the teams, and many others.

3. Select the supreme crew.

Once you have done the research, your next undertaking is to choose the strongest betting. A robust team does not constantly need to have fine players. You need to research the competition and assume which gamers can stand out and get you the maximum points.

There want to be differentials to your group. But a way to pick out those players? We have explained this in addition to the weblog. (a way to pick out the proper batters, bowlers, and all-rounders.)

4. Pick greater wicket-takers than batters.

In Cricket, mainly the T-20 format has emerged as a batsmen’s game. But no longer make this mistake in delusion cricket. Go for wicket-taking bowlers for your team rather than the most effective electricity-hitting batters.

Why? Because a wicket receives you extra points.

For example, on some structures, one wicket gives 25 factors. So, a long way for batters to be in shape. If he attains 25 runs, then one run is one factor.

The possibility of a bowler selecting up a wicket is higher than batters scoring 25 runs in T-20.

5. Pick all-rounders

Try to pick as many all-rounders as you can for your crew. All-rounders give you points with each bat and ball. That is why they're also superb alternatives for captain and vice-captain.

6. Join contests early

The contests for in shape are available 2-3 days earlier than the real-times game. Try to join the contests earlier, as there are chances that your opponent won't update the crew after the toss.

So be a part of early. However, make sure to replace the group at the final moment!

7. Avoid betting head-to-head contests.

One of the most noted errors you may make in fable cricket is to play head-to-head suits, i.e., 1 v 1 or 2 member league contests.

By betting head-to-head, your chances of staying in income are continually much less because if you win it will not be a large amount. But in case you get lost, you will lose much. So, attempt to play three-member contests when playing shortleague.

8. Make more than one team for a shape.

Another vital trick at the same time as playing myth cricket is to make more than one group a fit. You can also enter multiple instances in a competition. All your teams ought to be exclusive from an extra and have unique captains and vice-captains. So even if you lose with one group, you win with the opposite and do not bear a loss.

9. Update your crew after a toss.

A prevailing method is to update the team after the toss has taken area. You need to first choose the gamers who are virtually playing. After that, you could alternate your method as consistent with which group is batting first.

For example, if the crew batting first has a sturdy batting lineup, then you have to take extra batters from their crew. Strategize as in line with the toss.

10. Have some backup

Never invest all of your cash in an unmarried suit. Don’t invest more than 50% of your stability in an unmarried contest. If things go south for your team, you will have some quantity in your pockets to play other fits and get better.

11. Have persistence

This is one of the maximum vital pointers, but only a few can comply with it at the same time as playing delusional cricket. Learn to be patient and not get too excited.

No, you could win all of the video games; you will face loss. But do not surrender. Learn from your mistakes and make higher techniques for upcoming matches.

12. Make lengthy-term strategies

See delusion cricket as a long-term thing and make your plans to play it, therefore. You can set out a roadmap carving out your techniques for the complete month.

Set out desires and write down how much you have to spend money on, which matches. If you play this for a longer run, you're sure to win.

13. Invest wisely

You do not want to earn lakhs of cash by winning all contests in one day. Take your time and invest wisely. Devise a strategy and stick to it if it works.

Invest in only the games that you feel assured about. It is not vital to play all video games but to win all the games you play.

14. Take calculated risks

While you ought to invest wisely and play carefully, now and again, you should take dangers. If you are feeling fortunate and feature-calculated the losses, go for it. As they are saying, the higher the danger, the higher the reward.

How to pick the proper batters?

The biggest tip at the same time as selecting batters for your group is to head for pinnacle-order batters. Take openers and batters that come one or 3 down. Why? They are the ones who come early onto the pitch and feature the chance of facing the most balls.

Since they can face more deliveries, they could be rating extra runs and get an excessive quantity of factors. Batters who come down the order might not even get to bat and, as a consequence, will not yield you any factors.

Another trick is to usually take wicket-retaining batters to your group. They are a safe preference as they would not most effectively come up with factors from batting but from wicket-preserving as nicely.

How to choose the proper bowlers?

When it comes to bowlers, constantly move for those who bowl within the powerplay and the dying overs. In T-20 video games, the maximum wickets are picked up in those two intervals while the batters are looking to hit the ball out of the park.

Additionally, one more factor you should keep in mind is to research the venue and the pitch, even as taking the bowlers. If the pitch is more favorable to spinners rather than pacers, pass for more spinners, and vice-versa.

How to pick out the proper all-rounders?

This one is reasonably simple. Take as many all-rounders as you can. There isn't any accurate approach to taking all-rounders except taking them all. The more, the merrier. 

But in case, you can't pick them all, go for those who regularly bowl and bat higher up the order. The great aspect about all-rounders is that even if they fail in a single branch, they can get points from the alternative. Picking up all-rounders is the least risky, and you couldn’t virtually move wrong in it. 


You have received the exciting and lesser-acknowledged techniques to win in myth cricket. Try out these distinctive techniques, and see which one works for you the most. No longer be afraid of changing it in case it does not work.

Playing myth cricket is getting more difficult each day because the opposition in it is extraordinarily growing. But if you play it neatly and apply a number of the hints and hints that we have instructed you approximately in this weblog, it could be profitable for you!