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Can you make money in cricket betting?

09 Oct 2023 12:50 PM cricketclues

In addition to exploring the top dangers and rewards in online cricket betting that you can accept in stride, this blog will cover 10 practical methods (plus a bonus tip!) that can improve your odds of winning.

How to Possibly Make Money Betting on Cricket: 11 Tips

There is no denying that sports betting is dangerous since real money is at stake and because anything may happen. So, if you're wondering how to make money betting on cricket, understanding the stakes and correctly placing your bets can help reduce losses.

Many people believe that betting on sports is entirely reliant on luck. This is true, but employing certain tested cricket betting tactics will help you reduce your reliance on luck and make more thoughtful and deliberate bets.

Let's get into the top 11 practical strategies that can help you profit from betting on cricket.

1. Decide on a trusted bookmaker

There have been cases where bettors won but did not get their money. You may be wondering why. Doubtful online betting sites are the solution. Numerous fake bookmakers are active in the online sports betting market, luring you in with bonuses only to waste your hard-earned money.

Please be aware that we recommend you try emerging new betting sites merely because we have experience with them, and some of them have left us with positive impressions. But not every operator is made equal.

To avoid being a victim of the numerous shady bookmakers out there:

  • Run a complete background check

  • Online, read and contrast reviews.

  • Check to see if the bookmaker is in possession of a current gaming licence from a reputable agency, such as the MGA or the UK betting Commission.

You shouldn't move on to any other checks until you've completed these simple ones. By placing your wagers on some of the finest cricket betting apps and websites, like those we've featured in our top table above, you can be confident that your money is secure and that you'll receive your profits quickly and without any needless delays.

2. Maintain a sports knowledge base

Can you make money betting on cricket? If you want to try to make money betting on cricket, this is arguably the most important box you can check. When placing bets on a premier cricket league, you must continuously follow the game to be informed of the most recent statistics, top performers, rule changes, and new talent.

By doing this, you can improve your game knowledge and make better betting decisions. Make it a habit to review H2H statistics and evaluate prior results to keep current with the sport. You can do it with the aid of some of the top live cricket scores websites and applications such as Cricket Clues.

3. Examine pitch reviews

Pitch reading is a great strategy for forecasting the game's development at various points. Knowing how the pitch might behave allows you to make good bet selections regardless of the game's format.

Consider the weather for the game day as well as the field. These reports are easily accessible through a quick Google search as well as on sports news websites.

4. Study betting markets

Spend some time learning about the numerous betting markets you have accessible and what each one specifically offers. This is especially important for live betting because there is little time to contemplate as the betting markets and odds change as each delivery is bowled and within seconds.

5. Be familiar with the different types of wagers

You must be aware of the various bet types to offer yourself the best opportunity of making money from betting on cricket. There are two main categories of cricket wagers:

Pre-match wagers: These fundamental wagers cover options like the match's overall winner, top batsman, and toss winner. As the name implies, you can only make these bets before the commencement of the game.

Live bets are wagers that can be made while a game is in progress. There are several of these bets, but a few of the more well-known ones are "X" runs scored in the nth over, the total for the first inning, and over/under first inning boundaries. One technique for winning these bets is frequently following match updates on reputable cricket websites.

6. Use several bookmakers

There's no denying that some of India's top cricket bookmakers provide a fun and rewarding experience. You'll see that only some bookmakers can offer all of the top features on the market, though.

For instance, some bookmakers provide substantial free bets, while others excel at providing a wide range of betting markets. However, there are certain bookmakers that offer some of the best cricket betting odds but may need to catch up when it comes to live betting. Therefore, we advise you to sign up with at least 2-3 reputable bookies to ensure you get the best of both worlds.

7. Use a betting marketplace

Betting exchange websites are a blessing if you want to advance your wagering abilities. These are betting sites that let you place a lay bet or a wager on the outcome of an event that won't take place.

You can place bets on both the win and loss probabilities of a cricket match using a betting exchange. These websites serve as a buffer, enabling you to mitigate risks and reduce losses. While taking a little longer, the technique is still relatively easy. Therefore, we advise you to test any of these top betting exchanges at least once.

8. Compare odds and look for value.

As was mentioned previously in this post, it would be beneficial if you signed up with many reputable bookies because different websites offer different odds for certain markets. Therefore, it is unlikely that a single operator will offer the best cricket betting odds across all markets.

By comparing prices, you can determine which bookmakers provide the best value for a specific market. Calculate the bookmaker's overround percentages to determine the true competitiveness of their odds and whether you'd be earning a profit over the long run to determine the wager's actual value.


The overround on a betting site is the total of all the odds for a specific result. The overround guarantees the bookmaker's long-term financial viability.

You can determine how competitive the odds really are by calculating the overround.

Maximum likelihood of an outcome (overround) = 100% - implied chance of book%.

Implied probability = 1/odds x 100, given as a percentage.

The odds are less competitive the higher the overround.

9. Conduct experiments and research

You must put in the effort if you want to make money betting on cricket. There are many online resources on the internet that talk about betting and highlight the benefits and drawbacks of a specific bookmaker. You could then decide whether a particular operator meets your demands or not.

Start small if you're just getting started, but always continue experimenting with different betting markets and bookmakers. What is betting if not a combination of risk and excitement?

10. Set betting limits

Always keep in mind that gambling and sports betting are just for entertainment and should never become your main source of income. You set aside a specific amount from your additional income for betting, taking care at all times to avoid going over budget.

Pro tip: When choosing your betting budget, set aside some more funds as a "cushion" in case you want to make one final bet on a team you are confident will win. We're only human. Therefore, there are instances when it's difficult to control an intense desire.

11. Practise bankroll management

Managing your betting dollars wisely once you have established your budget is important. Bankroll management in betting is setting your bet stakes in advance and closely watching your betting behaviour.

The administration of a budget has many facets. A few examples are choosing a maximum stake for each wager, the frequency of wagering, how much money to divide among many bookmakers, and figuring out when to cash out.

Looking for bookmakers with a low minimum deposit will allow you to begin your betting journey with a reasonably small initial deposit, which is still another crucial feature in this respect.

   Benefits of Online Cricket Betting

  • More options than traditional betting

In contrast to offline betting, which is not possible, online betting lets you experiment with a wide variety of cricket betting markets. This is due to a number of factors, including the geographical restriction and the outdated Public Gambling Act of 1867, which has made offline betting illegal in India.

  • Possibility of earning extra money

After all, the topic of this essay is whether you can bet on cricket and gain money. With thorough study and favourable odds, you can win easier markets, such as matchwinners, and make a respectable profit.

  • Provides excellent entertainment

Betting on a game gives watching cricket a new sense of excitement. You become more invested in each delivery that is bowled and each run that is scored, turning what was once a passive form of entertainment into an active one. Additionally, it costs little money because popular betting sites accept up to ten dollars wagers. To top it all off, free bets and welcome bonuses may make the entire experience more enjoyable and cost-effective!

  • Anytime, anyplace, betting

You may now make some extra cash from anywhere in the world by engaging in online betting; all you need is a laptop (or a smartphone) and a reliable internet connection.

  • Quicker payments

The most extensively used betting payment methods make depositing and withdrawing money at all the top bookmakers is simple and quick. Betting online ensures same-day payouts without pointless waits — you get your winnings, no questions asked!

Risks of Betting on Cricket Online

  • Financial turbulence

Setting a betting budget is essential to guarantee that your financial stability is not jeopardized. Uncontrolled gambling can ruin personal money, put you and your loved ones in a vulnerable situation, and have other negative effects. Limit your wagers to what you can afford to lose.

  • Alterations in behaviour

If left unchecked, consecutive losses or victories might have a negative impact on your conduct. Having frequent mood swings over the long term is not a good idea.

  • False successes and failures

One could start to relate real-life outcomes to betting ones and unconsciously start acting differently depending on their wins and losses.

When you start winning bets, you can feel on top of the world one day, but if you lose the next day, you might go through periods of melancholy. Such a comparison is extremely upsetting and should be dealt with by making amends, such as seeing a counsellor.

  • Drifting away from more crucial obligations

If you don't stop yourself from betting, it could keep your focus for a fair amount of time and interfere with your other responsibilities. As a result, we strongly advise creating a rigid betting plan and avoiding letting it conflict with your time with family and friends.

  • Addiction

Addiction to betting poses a serious risk. If you become irritated when you can't place a wager or find it difficult to concentrate on other chores, see these as warning signs and schedule an appointment with a licensed counsellor to talk about your situation and find a solution.