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Stats and records of Narendra modi cricket stadium

07 Mar 2023 08:46 PM cricketclues

Many will be at stake when the India team meet Australia in the final and fourth test series of a cricket match, which will start on 9 march. Currently, the India team are 2-1 up in the test series and requires the win to secure a berth in the WTC ITC finals

At that time, the colossal narendra modi cricket stadium has the duel. Here are the key statistics and records of narendra modi's cricket stadium 

Cricket stadiums in the world 

Earlier, this cricket stadium is known as the Motera Stadium. This venue is the largest cricket stadium in the world, with the largest seating capacity of 1.10 lac spectators. 

India runs across match formats. 

India won six of 14 tests played here. The hosts lost the cricket test series at this venue in 2008. In the ODI test series, the Indians won 10 runs and eight defeats in a total of 18 outings. They are better fared in T20I at this stadium and win 5 of 7 total games played. 

The star batters of India at the stadium

Among all the Indian batters, Rohit Sharma has achieved international runs at the cricket stadium and made eight appearances in 309. Gill slammed the T20I hundred against New Zealand in the previous month. Shreyar iyer has gotten 201 runs in 6 international games, at 50.25 at this stadium. 

The star bowlers of India in Ahmedabad

Ravichandran Ashwin enjoyed the bowling at the stadium and scalped 19 wickets in three cricket tests at 18.89. at that time, the axar patel get 20 wickets in only some tests. This data consists of the three fifers. Steve Smith is the only player from the current Australian team squad to play in international games. He scored 11 runs in the ODI series.  

How Australia fared at venues 

Australian team played only the 3 international games at the cricket stadium. While they lost the two games, the winner came. One of the two losses is recorded in WC 2011 quarter-final against India. It chases the 261, and the men in blue are comfortably crossed the line with five wickets in the player's hand. It is determined that the smith become part of the Australia squad in the cricket competition.  

Spinner dominates the proceedings. 

After the venue renovation, the India team played the two tests against the England team. It is also in the form of the same in the coming game. Overall, the side's bowling and batting first win the four tests; 338 reads the first average inning score in a cricket test at the stadium.