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How India qualified for the WTC finals

04 Mar 2023 12:56 PM cricketclues

Humbled in Indore, the Ahmedabad outright victory seals India's place in the WTC finals against the Australia team. Still, if the team of Rohit Sharma loses or plays a draws, its fate is based on the outcome of the shri lanka New Zealand series. By virtue, the Australia team won their nine wickets in Indore and qualified for the grand finale scheduled from June 7 to 11 at the oval. They are sitting at the top of the WTC table with 68.52 PCT. PCT is calculated when the points are earned by the team divided by the point remaining for contestants. 

In this way, the team can earn 12 points for a win, four for a draw, and six in case it ties. According to today's cricket news, the Australia team has 148 points by 11 wins, and four draws from a total of 18 matches. The playing team with 216 points that they provide they have a PCT of 68.52. Even if Australia lose the final Test against India's team, they still remain on top with a PCT of 64.91. 

What happens to the India team?

The PCT of the Indian team are.29 after earning 123 points in 10 wins and two draws. They lost some points during the course of the cycle because of the slow rate. If India wins the previous test, their PCT will reach 62.5 with 135 points from the most of 216 on 18 tests. It will retain the second position and qualify for the finals. If any defect occurs, the PCT of India will fall to 56.94, and it will be based on the results of the shri lanka team's away series against the New Zealand team. 

In the drawing case, the PCT India will fall to 58.79. in this case, they have to wait for the outcomes of the Sri Lanka-New Zealand series. The same case of tie occurs when the PCT of India lies at 59.72

How does sri lanka qualify?

The only shot made by Sri Lanka is at the final qualification. It will be based on the 2-0 victory in the New Zealand team, which is one of the tough away assignments for subcontinental terms. The current shri lanka team is 53.33 with 64 points from  10 tests. 

If India loses the match, then it will draw or tie WTC final Test and make shri Lanka win. After this, the PCT of shri lanka reaches 61.11 with a total of 88 points from the maximum stake of 144 points.