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Finals of WTC 2023- Know how India qualifies after the embarrassing defeat against Australia.

03 Mar 2023 03:35 PM cricketclues

The Australians managed to win the 1st test match in the ongoing border Gavaskar trophy test series. India blames themselves for this, as they are beaten by the Australian team play. The bowlers of the Indian team had pulled the test match back for the side of 2nd day as they dismissed the 6 batters of the Australian team for only 11 runs. Rohit Sharma and his team companions get the best chances to win the match and qualify for the WTC finals 2023, but for now, they have to wait for someone for the Ahmedabad test to unfold. 

Final qualification scenario of WTC 2023 

The Indian team is still required to win for finals that are going to start on 7 June 2023 at the oval. The Australian team held their thumping victory and got the top place with 69 PCT. The players of the Australian team are now eligible for finals and wait for their challengers for the ongoing match. The fact here is that when Australia loses the fourth and final test match, and the series ends 3-1, the visitors of the match will end with 65.0 PCT and still remain in the top position. 

If the match series ended on 2-2

Here you look at how the third match change into a different mode if the Australians play under steve smith's leadership and management to outplay India in this series. In this way, the series end on 2-2, and Sri Lanka will be with a great chance to become eligible for finals. However, the Shri lanks team will face the tough task at that time in which they need to whitewash the kiwis under certain home conditions. Even if the Shri Lanka team ends the series on 1-1 or 1-0, it will not help them. 

If the match series ended 1-1

India's PCT will fall to 59.0 if the final cricket test series turn out to be drawn. At that time, the India team hope that the Lankans does not whitewash the kiwis and win the series against them. And it comes true. The Shri Lankans are not able to defeat the kiwis with a 2-0 margin, which India goes through. 

If the match series ended 3-1

The good thing here is that India needs victory only to become qualified for the WTC finals. They will make their chances higher in Ahmedabad, where the test match starts on 9 march 2023. They got a good chance of doing this in Indore, but the Australians amazed them by placing their team at the top of cricketing skills on 1st day