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Ex-star of Australia verdict on the Indore pitch

06 Mar 2023 03:45 PM cricketclues

Michael Kasprowicz, Former pacer, has no understanding of why pitches get a lot of attention in the ongoing border  Gavaskar trophy. He said that I never believed in the hype because, for pitches' attention, there is a need to play around with the wickets. I realised the last case of pitches in Indore and applied some tricks, but it started early, so there is less moisture remaining to grab the ball, said Michael. At the other stages of the day, it was not like doing anything. 

Till that time, the India team won two tests in New Delhi and Nagpur, where pitches get the average ratings by ICC. In Indore, the pitch was rated poor when Australia won the test by wickets.  

Mainly all the experts, including Mark Taylor and Mark Waugh, are important for the pitches, especially in the case of the Indore cricket test.

"When he think nothing about the hype,  the match ball make move to square, but still has the poor ratings, said by Kasprowicz.  

But I remember moving towards Bangalore Test in 1998 and getting the picture of me standing on the wicket. There is no grass, but it is getting some cracks, and spider cracks down to the whole face. "